Specializing in Transition


Rooted in both clinical and spiritual care, music-thanatology specializes in pain & symptom management at the end of life through the prescriptive use of music.


The certified music-thanatologist accompanies people through the emotional, physical, and spiritual transformation of human death. Spiritually grounded and trained in the clinical environment, the music-thanatologist honors the individual, unique and sacred process of dying for each person.


Music-thanatology attends deeply to the dying and their loved ones, responding on a moment-to-moment basis to their changing states with the use of musical elements. With deep reverence and respect, the music-thanatologist often brings relief where medication alone cannot.


This specialized and pioneering work requires a commitment to ongoing growth and development. Each certified music-thanatologist has met competencies in musical, medical, thanatological, clinical, and professional areas of competency. Practitioners are required to renew certification every four (4) years.


For more information visit the Music-Thanatology Association International



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