"This is soul medicine."

~ hospice patient


"So restful...so peaceful...so beautiful."

~ hospice patient


"It's like I can just rest."

 ~ daughter and caregiver of hospice patient


"Better than morphine!"

 ~ hospice patient


 "I have personally witnessed Justine's vigils provide peace and comfort to dozens of patients where medication alone did not"

~ Joe Maesar, RN, Certified  Hospice and Palliative Care Nurse


"Music-thanatology offers the possibility of soothing the mind, body, and spirit simultaneously.  It creates space for reflection, love, and peace to flow freely and envelop those in need."

~Jacki Grogan, MSW


“Music thanatology has been such a wonderful blessing for our residents and the family members in our Pearl Garden memory care. When Justine first started coming to visit some of our residents, the original intent/goal was for her to target certain individuals that had been experiencing high levels of anxiety, wandering, and even aggressiveness. Over time, though, these scheduled sessions morphed into truly magical experiences for our residents. They looked forward to the harp experience, but even more so, I believe the interaction that Justine provided one-on-one to these individuals. One of our residents will even pull out her violin and play duet with Justine’s harp for a mini “music session.” I would strongly recommend this program for individuals needing that solace and restfulness that these unique sessions provide. We have seen a remarkable change within our own residents here at the Village Senior Residence.”


Meagan Nay

Life Enrichment Coordinator

Village Senior Residence



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