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    Lightsong Music, LLC is the music-thanatology practice of Justine Flynn, MA, CM-Th.

Serving patients both individually and through the formal healthcare system, Justine provides music-thanatology vigils for those at end of life as well as those seeking relief from symptoms of disease. Here is when to refer for a music-thanatology vigil:


  • Acute pain/symptom management issues (i.e. shortness of breath, agitation, anxiety, pain)
  • A response within 24 hours is needed
  • Patient is actively dying, whether or not they are presenting distressing symptoms
  • Removal from ventilatory support
  • Contemplative space would benefit patient and family who needs non-verbal support
  • Patient and family would benefit from a sacred and supportive environment to honor their loved one's passing


People report feeling less anxious, more peaceful, and even more hopeful after a music-thanatology vigil. Deepened respirations & eased respiratory labor are frequently observed in patients.



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